Allonzo Trier NBA Draft Profile

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Allonzo Trier Arizona


CPP Big Board Ranking: #32 Big Board (#16 SG)

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 199 lbs

Position: SG

Age/Birthday: 22.0 (01/17/96)

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

High School: Findlay Prep

(Jonathan Gee – 1/23/18)

Player Overview:

Coming out of high school, Allonzo Trier was among the top twenty players of his 2015 class and had high expectations prior to his freshman season at Arizona. Two seasons later, Trier is still playing for coach Sean Miller in Tucson and is looking to solidify himself as a first round draft pick. Trier is a good sized shooting guard at 6’5” and nearly 200 pounds, as well as a wingspan of 6’6”. Many projected that Allonzo Trier would be selected in the 2017 NBA draft, but after being suspended for a significant amount of time last season due to testing positive for performance enhancing drugs, Trier’s stock dropped and he elected to return to school for his junior season. Although Arizona struggled early in the season, Allonzo has been as consistent as any of his teammates this season with averages of 19.8 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 3.2 assists per game. The natural athleticism and scoring abilities of Trier have caught the attention of NBA scouts, but his struggles on defense as well as off the court have some worried about his transition to the next level.  



Whichever NBA team chooses to draft Allonzo Trier this year will have no question about the strengths of his game as he is one of the best scorers in college basketball. There are many reasons why Trier is able to score with such ease, starting with his first step. Trier is known for having an impressively quick first step and being able to blow by his defenders. This can be dangerous for his opponents because of his ability to score from absolutely anywhere on the floor. Trier is shooting 52% on field goals and 40% from beyond the arc so far this season. After his first step, Allonzo Trier is also praised for his ability to get to the rim and generate a high number of free throws. This season alone he is getting to the line nearly seven times per game on average and shooting 85% from the stripe. This is a very important piece to his game and will be interesting to see if he will have the same success against defenders at the next level.  



As natural of a scorer Allonzo Trier is, he still receives criticism about his decisions on the offensive end. Trier is known for being too aggressive at times and forcing shots up, causing many people to start blaming the decision making of Trier. He is even accused of having a low basketball IQ and low levels of awareness while on the floor, which is noticeable at times with his game. The scoring abilities of Allonzo Trier will get him plenty of attention in the NBA, but whether or not he can make the right decisions and stick to his role will decide his success at the next level.


Aside from his shot selection and basketball intelligence, Trier’s other big criticism against him is his defense. Specifically, Allonzo Trier struggles to guard guys faster than him and often loses his man off the ball, which definitely raises a red flag going into the NBA. Looking at his defensive statistics, it is clear that Trier has the opposite of his aggressive offensive mindset while only averaging 0.3 blocks and 0.5 steals per game over his three seasons at Arizona. He has certainly made strides since his freshman season, improving in both of these areas and his defense as a whole, but still has steps to take to make him an NBA threat on defense.  


Player Outlook & NBA Comparison: Tim Hardaway Jr.

Allonzo Trier is certainly more prepared for the NBA than he has been after his first two collegiate seasons, and probably as prepared as he ever will be. There are no questions about whether he will be able to score at the next level; he will. He has tremendous skills with the basketball and play making abilities that fit right into the NBA style. The questions surrounding Trier’s game all are concerned with his defense and his basketball IQ. If he is able develop these areas I see Allonzo Trier having a Tim Hardaway type role for his future NBA team(s); a huge threat off the dribble, a good shooter, and a mediocre defender. Hardaway is a safe comparison for Trier, so it also would not be a surprise to see Trier develop into a star of the league if surrounded with the right personnel.


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