Collin Sexton NBA Draft Profile

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Collin Sexton Alabama 

CPP Big Board Ranking: #11 Overall (#3 PG)

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 185 lbs

Position: PG

Age/Birthday: 19 (1/4/99)

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

High School: Pebblebrook HS

(Brett Siegel 1/18/18)

Player Overview:

Not only is Collin Sexton a very crafty and elusive guard, but he may be one of the fastest NBA draft prospects in this year’s projected class. For his 6’3” size, he possesses a long wingspan of about 6’7”, just adding to his athletic explosiveness. It is definitely a fair assessment to say that Collin Sexton is a “score-first” minded point guard, which makes him an intriguing NBA prospect with how the game of the point guard is changing. Sexton leads the Crimson Tide in scoring this season and will likely finish the season leading them in that department by a landslide. The offense runs through him and he creates open space on the court for other shooters on the team. Perhaps Collin Sexton’s best display of his talent was when Alabama took on Minnesota on November 25, 2017 and ultimately lost 89-84. An altercation occurred on the court and a few players from both teams got tangled up, nothing too serious, but the refs had to break up all the players since they were mouthing off to each other. As this was happening, the entire Alabama bench stepped foot on the court and as a result were disqualified and thrown out of the game, leaving only the five players who were on the court at the time. After the altercation, another Crimson Tide player fouled out, and minutes after this, another rolled their ankle, leaving Alabama with three players on the court versus five for Minnesota. Collin Sexton was one of the three lucky Crimson Tide players to stay in the game and try to mount a miracle victory. As stated, they were ultimately denied a win, but 17 of Sexton’s 40 points in this game came in the final 10 minutes of the game when Alabama was playing 3-on-5. Collin Sexton can become a lethal shooter when he gets going and has a tremendous upside as a great offensive player in the NBA.


Strengths: Perhaps Collin Sexton’s greatest strength is his athletic ability and excellent speed. This sets him apart from other guards on screen situations, as well as isolation-like sets on the offensive end. Adding on to his athletic ability on the offensive end of the court, Sexton’s ability to adapt to contact and use his frame to gain leverage is something that has drawn the attention of a lot of NBA scouts. There is no doubt that he is a “big-time player,” meaning he wants the ball in his hands in big moments in the game and wants to be the featured guy in any lineup. Sexton is predominantly right-handed, but shows no weaknesses finishing at the rim with either hand. His shooting percentage is above average from guards at his age and he never looks satisfied with his play. Collin Sexton is the type of player that teams and franchises can rely on to always fight until the final buzzer. His competitive nature is very strong and something he prides himself on. Losing is never really an option for him and he always tries to improve himself from the last game he played. Defensively, Sexton’s quickness is always on full display; disrupting passing lanes and making it difficult for his opposition to drive down the lane. Sexton rarely gets beat one-on-one because of his speed. He also plays very physical on the defensive end, which can lead to foul trouble at times, but he never backs down from making his opponents earn their baskets. Collin Sexton, with his two-way skills and potential he possesses, has a chance to be a college freshman who enters the NBA and sees big minutes immediately starting at point guard.


Weaknesses: Speed is one of Sexton’s strongest strengths, but leads into his greatest weakness at times, his turnovers. His assist-to-turnover ratio is slightly above 1:1 at this point in the season and his turnovers are usually a result of him running out of control. Collin Sexton sometimes speeds up too much and runs wild into traffic, causing him to become turnover prone. He can be too flashy at times as well, leading to an abundance of turnovers. Another weakness Sexton has is not always looking to make the second pass. As a result of being a “score-first” type of guard, Sexton sometimes gets tunnel vision and only sees the basket, not his teammates. This leads to contested jumpers and run-outs on the other end for the opposition. Luckily, Collin Sexton’s weaknesses are all things that can be improved upon and fixed. In time, he will be cured from these weaknesses and learn more about his place on the court on an NBA team.


Player Outlook & NBA Comparison: A blend between Donovan Mitchell and College Russell Westbrook:

It is definitely high praise for Collin Sexton to be compared to the likes of Donovan Mitchell and Russell Westbrook, but this comparison should be taken with a grain of salt. Both Sexton and Mitchell have a lot in common when comparing their jump shots and ability to get to the rim. Both players are extremely talented when it comes to exploding to the rim, but what sets them apart from the likes of other talented guards is their “score-first” mentality. Donovan Mitchell is a human-highlight tape right now and Sexton has the potential to look a lot like this when he progresses to the next level. He loves the spotlight and tends to make a lot of flashy plays, so expect Collin Sexton to continue being a high-flyer in the NBA like he is now down in Tuscaloosa.


Now, this next comparison is extremely high praise, but needs to be taken with a grain of salt like I stated. Now, I am not saying Collin Sexton is going to be exactly like Russell Westbrook, but they both contain a skill set that is very rare and highly valuable to NBA guards. They both contain the ability to score on any play and have the athleticism that cannot be matched, making both of them extremely hard to guard. In his sophomore season at UCLA, Westbrook averaged 12.7 PPG, 4.3 APG, and shot about 33.8% from 3-point range. He also turned the ball over about 2.5 times a game that season as well. Westbrook, as a result of his flashy play, was very turnover prone when trying to get his teammates involved. A lot of similarities can be made with Collin Sexton’s game as well. Sexton is a loose cannon at times and sometimes underestimates his own speed, leading to wild passes and flashy turnovers. Both Westbrook and Collin Sexton are players who are always zeroed in on the basket and thrive in big time situations. I do not expect Collin Sexton to turn into a machine like Russell Westbrook is in today’s NBA, but a more balanced and equally athletic player.


Collin Sexton is a special NBA prospect and will undoubtedly be a lottery pick come time for the draft in June. His enormous upside is just too much to pass up on and he is a special offensive player. Coming into the league, Sexton will not be too much of a project and will really only require minutes on the court for him to adjust and get better. Do not be shocked if Collin Sexton is the first guard off the board in the 2018 NBA Draft.


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