Jerome Robinson NBA Draft Profile

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Jerome Robinson Boston College

CPP Big Board Ranking: #27 Overall (#12 SG)

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 188 lbs

Position: SG/PG

Age/Birthday: 21 (2/22/97)

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

High School: Needham Broughton High School

(Grant Kobrin – 5/19/18)

Player Overview:

Jerome Robinson was an unrated high school prospect who was not recruited by many other schools outside of Boston College. He has been a top player for Boston College the past three seasons, and led them in scoring the past two seasons. Jerome Robinson along with Ky Bowman made a dangerous backcourt for Boston College the past few years. Despite the productivity out of the backcourt, the Eagles still struggled immensely and have been a bottom team in the ACC for as long as they switched into the conference. Jerome Robinson was one of the most underrated players in college basketball this year, but now that he has signed with an agent and will be entering the draft for sure now, scouts and teams are starting to take notice of his skill level and potential impact at the NBA level. Jerome Robinson is currently a borderline first-round pick, who most likely will be picked in the bottom of the first-round pick, but because he is underrated, could definitely fall into the top of the second-round. Jerome Robinson is an older, smarter player, who could be a productive scoring guard at the NBA level, and has certainly made great strides in his three year college career for Boston College.



Jerome Robinson is a high scoring, combo-guard who can score in a variety of ways. He is an excellent jump shooter, who can shoot off of both the catch and the bounce at an extremely high level, and is known as a shot-creator. He made several clutch shots for Boston College this past season, and at times, it appeared that his pure scoring ability was the only thing that gave the Eagles a fighting chance to win in the ACC. He can also put the ball on the floor and beat his defender to the basket and score over big men in traffic. He is crafty finisher with a good reverse layup and possesses the ability to finish both through and around contact. During ACC play he lead the league in scoring by averaging over 24 points per game while scoring in an extremely efficient manner, where he shot over 55% from the field, and just under 45% from beyond the three point line. This stat line indicates not just how prolific of a scorer Jerome Robinson is, but also how efficiently he does it.

Jerome Robinson is definitely one of the most dangerous players with the ball in his hands, in this year’s draft class. Besides from pure scoring ability, Jerome Robinson is a solid playmaker as a combo-guard. He has good control and confidence in his ball-handling ability, which not only allows him to get into the paint frequently, but allows for him to keeps his head up and find open teammates in transition. Jerome Robinson averaged over 3 assists a game on a weak Boston College team which really speaks to his unselfishness and his passing ability in general. Additionally Jerome Robinson is a solid rebounder for a guard. He was able to grab close to 4 rebounds a game this past season, which is impressive for a guard in the college game.

Defensively Jerome Robinson is solid, and has shown the ability to rack up steals. He can still improve on this portion of his game, but it still technically remains a strength for him. Physically, Jerome Robinson appears to be an NBA guard. Robinson can compete at either guard position due to his size and strength which will give him an advantage on draft night, along with his experienced and mature game. Athletically, Jerome Robinson is solid, but may not be as impressive in this portion of his game at the NBA level. Lastly and something that is interesting to note is that Jerome Robinson progressed tremendously as a free throw shooter during his three years at Boston College. As a freshman he shot below 65% from the free throw line, as a sophomore he improved to about 72%, and as a junior he made another big jump to shoot 83% from the charity stripe. While this is not necessarily the most important statistic for an NBA prospect, his improvement makes this a strength for him. Overall, Jerome Robinson is a big, experienced, and crafty combo guard who can score at a high level, and was one of the premier guards in college basketball this past season.



Jerome Robinson already has three college seasons under his belt which means that he may not have the same amount of potential as some of the younger prospects in this year’s draft, which will be something in the minds of NBA teams on draft night. Jerome Robinson needs to continue to show that he is pro-ready and can contribute from day one in his rookie season, since he may have a lower ceiling than many of the other top prospects in this year’s draft class. Additionally, Jerome Robinson most likely will not be an outstanding athlete at the NBA level, and needs to continue to be as crafty as possible to compensate this. Defensively, Jerome Robinson was solid during college, but may get exposed by quicker guards, especially at the point guard position. He needs to be more disciplined in this portion of his game at the NBA level. Offensively Jerome Robinson seems a bit turnover bound, as he averaged around 3 turnovers a game during college, but that may have been due to the fact that he really needed to do almost everything for his Boston College team.

Additionally, he is rumored to be a bit of a streaky shooter and sometimes shows signs of having poor shot selection, but at the end of the day – he shot the ball exceptionally well from all three statistically significant areas of the game, which essentially proves that this isn’t going to be much of an issue for him. He also is going to need to continue to improve upon scoring in traffic and against size and length. Lastly, and to his credit his team only had one other good player on it in Ky Bowman, but question marks still remain on his leadership and ability to win because he didn’t show very many signs of either of these skills at the college level. Last year, Boston College was significantly better than they had been in the past, to his credit once again, but they were still bad. His team did upset two top 25 teams though in Duke and Miami, and he had monster games against both of those teams, which are both filled with future NBA players. Jerome Robinson seems to be a player with fewer weaknesses than most and it seems like he would be a safer selection in general, but questions still remain in terms of his ceiling, offensive and defensive effectiveness at the next level, and his leadership/ability to win.


Player Outlook & NBA Comparison: Jordan Clarkson

Jerome Robinson seems to be most comparable to Jordan Clarkson. Both players are big combo guards who have shown the ability to score, be playmakers, defend well at times, and provide additional ball handling support. This is by no means a perfect comparison because Jordan Clarkson is much more athletic, but does not appear to be nearly as strong as Jerome Robinson is. Though this is a decent comparison because Jordan Clarkson was a mid-second round pick (46th pick) in the 2014 NBA Draft, indicating he was also underrated. Jerome Robinson is very likely to go much higher than that but still appears to somewhat underrated.

Jerome Robinson is a solid overall prospect as a score-first mentality combo guard. Expect him to be a late first-round pick, who could potentially rise to a mid first round pick if he continues to impress scouts, but may also slide into the top of the second-round if he fails to distinguish himself from his peer guards. He will be competing for a spot in the end of the first round with other top guards such as Aaron Holiday, Jalen Brunson, Troy Brown, Zhaire Smith and the like. Jerome Robinson is a rather safe pick due to his experience and proven scoring ability, but may lack the potential of other top guards. Jerome Robinson has risen up the draft boards once he signed with an agent and decided to officially keep his name in the draft, and has a lot of momentum coming out of the NBA Draft Combine and going into pre-draft workouts.


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Grant Kobrin

NBA Draft Analyst- CPP Draft Center