Landry Shamet NBA Draft Profile

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Landry Shamet Wichita State

CPP Big Board Ranking: #22 Overall (#7 PG)

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 189 lbs

Position: PG

Age/Birthday: 21 (3/13/97)

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

High School: Park Hill HS

(Brett Siegel – 6/7/18)

Player Overview:

Landry Shamet was a guy who received a medical redshirt in his original freshman year back in the 2015-16 season after playing in only three game. In only three games though, Shamet averaged 8.7 PPG and was well on his way to being named two-time Missouri Valley Player of the Year, Fred VanVleet’s, replacement. After sitting out mostly the entire 2015-16 season, Shamet was able to watch seniors VanVleet and Ron Baker lead the Shockers to the First Four of the NCAA Tournament as a #11 seed. In his position, Shamet was not only able to watch and learn from VanVleet and Baker’s abilities as guards, but was was able to become more of a vocal leader for his team on the bench. The following season, Shamet was the second-leading scorer on the team and the team’s starting point guard, before being the team’s leading scorer and leader this past season. Over his time at Wichita, Coach Greg Marshall was able to not only bring out the best in Shamet’s abilities, but turn him into a player that brings out the best in everyone else. Landry Shamet was one of the only non-seniors to start this season, but was always the go-to guy on the court and the leader of this Shockers’ basketball program. The development of Landry Shamet is just another product of Wichita State basketball, much like the other NBA talents they have produced over the years in Fred VanVleet and Ron Baker. Landry Shamet should expect to hear his name called on the first night of this year’s NBA Draft!



Although numbers cannot reflect leadership and fight, they can show how good a shooter Landry Shamet is… and they did just that this past season! With the amount of minutes Shamet saw this year and the role he was put in by the Shockers, Shamet shot just under 50% from the field, 44% from three, and 83% from the free-throw line. For a true point guard, all these categories ranked him in the top 20 in the country for guards seeing over 30 minutes per game. He has become such a valued shooter over the years that he is sometime underappreciated. Landry Shamet participated in this year’s combine and his measurements and agility testing were also intriguing. He measured about 6’5” in shoes and possesses a 6’6.75” wingspan. He also recorded the 7th lowest total body fat percentage (4.85%). His overall performance at the combine just reiterated to scouts that not only is he a shooter, but a very strong-minded guard that can lead any group he is put with.

One strength that will be highly valued at the next level for Shamet is his decision making with and without the ball. Do not let his turnover numbers from last season fool you. Shamet was one of the only facilitators on his team last season and had to carry the bulk of the load on offense, leading to some turnovers. Overall though, Shamet is a true point guard who flourishes with the ball in his hands, as well when he is coming off screens in shooting situations. He opens up space for his teammates by driving at his opponents and forces quick decisions to be made by the opposition. If they try to cheat on Shamet, they will be punished with a blowby layup or a corner three by one of his teammates, highlighted this year by his teammate, Conner Frankamp. As stated before, Shamet can be lethal coming off screens. In today’s NBA, the pick-and-roll and “screen-top” action has become so embedded in the game, that guards must be able to shoot on the move/off the pick to be successful. Shamet is a terrific pick-and-roll offensive player, whether it is coming off a screen for a wide-open three, or kicking the ball the other way and finding an open teammate. His court vision is something very special and something that makes him an intriguing mid-first round prospect. Being able to play on and off the ball as a true point guard, being able to see the court the way he does, and having the shooting abilities he possesses will make Landry Shamet’s name well known in the league for years to come.



In a faster-paced, higher tempo type game, like the NBA, Shamet may struggle in transition and pushing the pace of the game due to his lack of burst. Shamet will not blow you away with his speed and is not the most gifted athletically, but is very sound mechanically and composes himself on the court really well. Some teams are looking for those “high-motor” type point guards nowadays, and Shamet definitely does not fit that category. This “lack of burst” and lateral quickness may hurt Shamet in the next level as a iso-defender. He could get picked apart up top by quicker and stronger guards, meaning Shamet will have to learn to not play too far up the three-point line (like he did in college) and add muscle mass. Shamet weighed in at only 188 lbs at the NBA combine. For an NBA guard of his height, Shamet should be anywhere from 190-205 lbs, so he has room to bulk up.

Shamet has never been a terrible defender at Wichita State, but never was anything to brag about either. His 0.8 steals per game for his career in 71 career collegiate games is not too great for a guy with his measurements and the way he defends up top. Shamet was always extended past the three-point line defensively last season, but sometimes struggled keeping his opponents in front of him. This development will be key for Shamet at the next level as teams will look for him to be not as aggressive and use his wingspan to disrupt his opponent’s passes. He has definitely under-performed defensively, possibly due to his injury past with his feet. Although there is no concern or chatter about Landry Shamet’s injury past with his feet, it will definitely be a topic of discussion for teams highly invested in drafting him.


Player Outlook & NBA Comparison: Kent Bazemore

Landry Shamet’s greatest attributes are definitely his shooting abilities and how he is offensively off of pick-and-roll situations. His spot-up shooting definitely improved drastically this season and added the mid-range shot to his arsenal. Kent Bazemore has always been a gifted offensive player that excelled in the pick-and-roll situations coming out of Old Dominion, much like Shamet coming out of Wichita State this season. The questions surrounding Bazemore were also similar to those of Shamet of if he was too small to be a factor defensively. Over time, Bazemore turned himself into a pretty solid defensive player, averaging 1.5 steals per game and 0.7 blocks per game last season with the Hawks. Bazemore is also roughly the same size as Shamet, but has about 10 pounds on him. Landry Shamet is already a gifted offensive player that is a threat to pull-up from virtually anywhere inside the arc and has the same potential Bazemore had to be a respectable defensive guard. I do not expect Shamet to be a good defender right away, but in 3-4 years down the road, I would expect Shamet to have similar defensive numbers to what Kent Bazemore just put up. Do not sleep on Shamet’s offensive abilities because he is a guy that can get hot and get hot quick.

Looking down the road and doing some speculation, Landry Shamet definitely has a high ceiling and could end up as a C.J. McCollum type player down the road. McCollum has made a name for himself offensively and being a threat in not only pick-and-roll situations, but being able to move the ball offensively by getting his teammates in position. His shiftiness on offensive had turned him into a perennial all-star and earned him a lot of respect through the years. I could definitely see Shamet being this good down the road in the right system, but needs to be focused on solidifying himself as a go-to role player, much like Fred VanVleet has with the Toronto Raptors. His time will come eventually, but as it stands right now, Landry Shamet is a gifted scorer with some room to grow and polishing to do. There are not a lot of questions surrounding Shamet heading into the draft and teams should know exactly what they are getting when they draft him. Landry Shamet is a guy who should easily have a 10-year NBA career and be relied on throughout it.


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