Troy Brown NBA Draft Profile

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Troy Brown Oregon

CPP Big Board Ranking: #20 Overall (#6 SF)
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 208 lbs
Position: SF
Age/Birthday: 18 (07/28/99)
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
High School: Centennial High School

(Jonny Gee – 4/2/18)

Player Overview:

Troy Brown, although one of the youngest players in all of college basketball, has positioned himself as one of the top NBA prospects from the PAC-12 conference. The Oregon freshman, who will not even turn 19 until after the NBA draft, has been rising in most mock drafts throughout the entire season. Although he was a notable snub from the all-conference teams, Brown has received the attention from an NBA prospect perspective, as he is now projected as a potential late first round to second round pick. Throughout 30 games, Brown was the Ducks’ fourth leading scorer with 11.3 points per game, and lead his team with 6.2 rebounds, and 1.6 steals per game. He proved to be one of the most versatile players in the conference, and although he is often ignored within the conversation on the rest of his class, Troy Brown could be one of the most versatile 2018 draft prospects.



The versatility of Troy Brown’s game is what receives the most praise. The 6’7”, 210-pound shooting guard, with a 6’11” wingspan, can do a little bit of everything on the offensive end. Although his percentages are lower, over the course of his freshman season, Brown continued to show strides with his shot, both from mid-range and from deep. He has great rotation on his jumper and has shown the ability to shoot both off the dribble and as a spot-up shooter. At 6’7” Brown is really praised for his passing abilities and unselfishness with the ball, where his high basketball IQ is sometimes overlooked. Although Brown does have the potential to develop into an elite scorer, his biggest strengths currently are when he does not have the ball in his hands. Brown was the leading rebounder for Oregon this season and was noted as one of the best guards in the entire conference at crashing the glass. The versatility of Troy Brown’s game continues when looking at his presence on the defensive side of the floor. With his long frame, Brown is great at getting in the passing lane and creating havoc on smaller guards. His defense is one of the most promising aspects of his future game, as NBA teams would love to have a guy with the ability to guard two or even three positions on the floor.



Troy Brown has established himself as a good ball handler, but certainly has some strides to make in order to become a dangerous NBA wing. Brown’s first step off the dribble is slow, and he lacks the explosiveness to get by quicker defenders. In addition, although he does have an impressive physical frame, Brown is not all that athletic and struggles to finish at the rim, especially through contact. Brown has certainly made an effort in improving his jump shot, but by looking at his percentages, it is obvious he still has work to be done. In his freshman campaign as a Duck, Brown shot 44% on field goals, and only 29% from three-point range. As the three-point shot is becoming an even more valuable aspect of today’s NBA game, Troy will have to become more of a threat from behind the arc.


Player Outlook & NBA Comparison: Jamal Crawford

Many question the attention around Troy Brown’s name for the 2018 NBA draft, but after one look at the 6’7”, 210-pound frame, with an almost 7-foot wingspan, that question isn’t so popular. Although listed as a shooting guard, many NBA teams are optimistic towards Brown’s potential to play and defend several positions at the next level. His shooting, rebounding, and defensive skills are all well established and if placed within the appropriate NBA program, Brown could excel into a lethal, multi-position player. Because of the simple versatility of his game combined with his high basketball IQ, Brown has solidified his name in most mock drafts as a late first, to early second round pick, and has been identified as one of the safest selections of this year’s draft class, based on his overall potential and room for growth.

The NBA is obviously full of long, athletic wings, but when searching for a comparison for Troy Brown’s potential at the next level, the name Jamal Crawford makes the most sense. Crawford entered the NBA draft following his freshman season at the University of Michigan. Coming out of Ann Arbor, Crawford was praised for the versatility of his offensive game. He had serious shooting potential and also the ability to score above the rim. After almost 20 seasons in the NBA, Crawford is still a dangerous weapon for the Minnesota Timberwolves as he has developed into a solid shooter from all over the floor and overall playmaker. Troy Brown will most likely be taken in the first round, and if not, he will not be available for long in the second round. Teams are hopeful that Brown will make that jump at the next level and become that impactful two-way player.


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